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Caterline Reusable Plastic Party Platters & Lids

How Caterline Platters & Lids Can Help To Reduce The Cost Of Christmas

  • by Gary Briscoe
                                    Christmas is coming and the turkey’s getting fatter..So cook him up, slice the meat and stick it on a (Caterline) platter! And...
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Shops and restaurants closing has created a growing market for takeaway food and catering using UK based manufacturers for supplies of recycled plastic platters that can be reused and are recyclable

The Changing Demographic of Catering

  • by Gary Briscoe
The post Covid & post Brexit challenges have had a huge impact on the events and catering sector and the escalating energy and supplier costs  mean that the food sector is having to make some tough decisions to survive.   ...
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Caterline Sandwich Platters and Lids are great for Christmas Party Food

Why You Need To Shop Early For Party Platters this Christmas

  • by Gary Briscoe
"Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fatter..So cook him up, slice the meat and stick it on a (Caterline) platter!"    After the disappointment of the last two Covid Christmas experiences it does seem that (barring any last...
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