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Caterbox Food Containers With Hinged Lids

Caterbox Food Containers With Hinged Lids
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Our Caterline 'Caterbox' food container range features different options for you to display and protect your food.

The Caterbox Range are clear boxes with a firm clip closure hinged lid to give optimum visibility for your food while maintaining freshness and adding shelf life. The versatile boxes are ideal for individual takeaway salad portions, cakes, biscuits, pasta and all other cold snack foods The hinged containers can be stacked on top of each other and are perfect for sandwich shops, caterers, takeaway food and restaurants offering a take out and delivery service.

The Crystal Classics®Range features  high gloss salad bowls & clear lids made from a high quality rpet material that provides excellent structural strength and won't break even when dropped. Inner/outer double-seal provides a leak-resistant seal. Large textured tabs on the bowl and lids, provide for easy opening by customers. An interlocking feature on the bowl and lid assures positive stacking on display. Ideal for 'posh' food! 



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