Caterline and the Environment

Following the announcement of the Green Deal Circular Economy Action Plan:

Here at Caterline we continue to work on waste prevention and reduction as well as increasing the recycled content in our products.

In its latest Circular Economy guidelines the Government has set a
target to recycle 65% of municipal waste by 2035 and to have no more than 10%
municipal waste going to landfill by 2035.

In the 2018 budget, it was announced that from April 2022 there would be a world-leading new tax introduced on the production and import of plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content

All of our products are manufactured from rPET which is a
100% recyclable plastic that is collected each week by UK kerbside household
rubbish waste collections. rPET is a recyclable and reusable plastic which
can be super-cleaned to create a multi-use, and multi-reuse plastic from both
post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste. 

Plastic trays, bottles and containers are recycled and
converted into small flakes and then undergo a rigorous hot wash process to
ensure they are totally clean before re-processing to create rPET packaging and
other products.

Caterline uses rPET plastic that is made from at least 40% (10% more than Government targets) of post-consumer waste which conforms to UK / EU approved food packaging regulations to give our
material its certified food contact assurance.

Our material also contains circa 20 -25% post industrial waste which is the scrap generated in our production process that can all be recycled As recycling increases so too will
the availability of post-consumer waste so that the recycled content of rpet
will increase until it is eventually 100% recycled

All of our platters can be washed in warm soapy water until clean and then reused many times over. (The platters are NOT dishwasher safe). Once finished with, all of our products can be rinsed off and placed in your general recycling bin 

All of our raw materials are sourced from UK producers and manufacturers and all of our products are made at our Manchester factory.

By sourcing localised UK suppliers we can reduce our carbon footprint and support the UK Circular Economy targets. 

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    ISO Certified

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