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How Caterline Platters & Lids Can Help To Reduce The Cost Of Christmas

How Caterline Platters & Lids Can Help To Reduce The Cost Of Christmas

  • by Gary Briscoe


Christmas is coming and the turkey’s getting fatter..So cook him up, slice the meat and stick it on a (Caterline) platter!

And if you need your food to last to ease financial pressure, clip on the lid and store in the fridge to keep the contents fresher.    

With the war in the Ukraine helping to push food inflation to an all-time annual high of 14.5%, spiralling energy costs and an economy that is still reeling from the impact of Covid people could be forgiven for cancelling Christmas this year!

However, in reality the adversity of the current economic climate will only make Britain want to celebrate as much as possible and seek respite from the doom & gloom that hangs precariously over us like a large, black cloud.

We are already seeing the Christmas decorations appear on our beleaguered high streets as retailers try to tempt us with special prices and easy pay options and it is clear that most people will have to find creative ways to make their money go further during this period of austerity.

One of the ways that people can save money is by entertaining at home instead of paying the inflated Christmas prices to dine out and by buying their festive food in bulk they could make significant savings.

By buying a larger ‘bird’ this year for instance the leftovers could be used to make turkey sandwiches or a lovely cold meat spread with salad for those inevitable post-Christmas diets.

The Caterline platter range is the ideal way to display and protect all of your Christmas food so that it can stay fresher for longer. With the firm push fit closure creating an airtight seal they can be opened and resealed when anyone is feeling peckish and stored in the fridge when people are sleeping off their hangovers!


With several sizes in the range the platters are a great for turkey and cold meats, salads and of course mince pies and Christmas cakes. There are even special 6 cavity platters to create your beautiful festive displays and Christmas party platter sets featuring a collection of sizes as well as disposable cups and crisp bowls.   

The buffet platters are made from recycled plastic and once finished with they can be washed and reused and are 100% recyclable when no longer needed.

Some families may decide that they don’t want to prepare food this Christmas but can still save money by using the services of a local catering Company instead of eating out. Most catering suppliers will use Caterline platters to provide creative food displays that  will stay fresh and can be eaten over several days without someone being stuck in the kitchen while the rest of the family relax & enjoy themselves.

We understand that in todays challenging climate our business customers are also trying to keep hold of their cash for as long as possible and with more Companies ordering on a ‘just in time’ basis the Caterline factory has already started to prepare for the seasonal increase in demand.


Just like our customers, we are trying to establish a balance between the amount of stock we carry to meet delivery expectations during the run up to Christmas without being over-stocked. Although our aim is still to achieve Next Day delivery on all orders received by 2pm we would ask that customers allow extra time if possible to avoid disappointment.


Whatever short and long term challenges await us, you can be sure that Caterline will continue to manufacture and deliver our products as quickly and competitively as possible. Our team of dedicated staff will work around the clock if necessary and we will do whatever we can to ensure we manufacture and replenish our stocks so that you can purchase what you want, when you need it.


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