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1. When Will My Order Be Despatched?
As a manufacturer, we are in the advantageous position of being able to replenish our stocks before they run out. Orders are usually despatched same day if ordered before 2pm and should then be delivered the following day. If your order is received after 2pm then it may take up to 2 days to be delivered to you. If there are any issues that will delay despatch of your order then one of our operators will contact you directly to inform you of this and confirm whether you still wish to proceed with the order or require a full credit In order to avoid any disappointment we would always suggest allowing 3 days for delivery from placing your order.
2. Can I Track My Order?
When you place your order, please ensure you leave an e-mail address and that your address and contact details are correct and once your order has left our factory you will then receive a confirmation message and a tracking number by e-mail. If you click on the tracking number it will automatically take you to our couriers’ site and will give you a more up to date status on your delivery. On the day of your delivery, you will received a further e-mail message confirming the approximate time of delivery so that you can hopefully be there to accept your parcel. If you know that you wont be there to accept the delivery you can provide alternative instructions (i.e. leave at neighbours or leave behind the bin or gate)
3. A Card Has Been Posted Through My Door?
If our courier has been unable to deliver your product they will leave a card so you can contact them directly or go on line to reschedule your delivery.
4. I Have Received My Delivery But It Is Damaged?
If your delivery is damaged in any way, please could you contact enquiries@caterline.net Ideally we require a couple of photographs so we can take the issue up with our courier. We will either send out immediate replacements or issue a full credit.
5. Someone I don’t Know has signed For My Delivery?
All of our courier drivers are fitted with GPS location equipment and any instance of deception can be investigated fully. Please contact enquiries@caterline.net and we will endeavour to locate your parcel.
6. I Have Paid For a Product But Haven’t Received My Order OrAny Notification?
If you haven’t received a tracking number within 24 hours, please contact our sales office. Email us at enquiries@caterline.net and provide all reference details for your order, your name, address and when you placed the order.
7. The delivery update states the courier could not find my address?
Please check to confirm the address stated on the dispatch email is what you keyed in. If correct, please contact the courier and give them any important information e.g. landmarks which will help locate your address. If the address you provided is incorrect, the items will be returned to us. We will provide a refund and you can re-order for your package.
8. Are there any other costs I will incur?
If you order from outside the United Kingdom. You may be liable to pay a customs charge.


I have received my products but some are damaged / cracked.
Please email us on enquiries@caterline.net with all the order details (including reference numbers) and photos of damaged products within 48 hours from time of delivery and we will be happy to refund or replace the items.


1. How many sandwich triangles do your platters hold?
I know it sounds obvious but it does depend on how much you “fill” the sandwiches. The depth of all of the lids is designed to accommodate a quarter cut from a standard loaf. We have four platter sizes to choose from and the dimensions are clearly stated and hopefully our images will also help as a guide to calculate the number per row and the number of rows.
2. I ordered for a granola pot and there were no contents in it
Any product images with food in that are displayed on our site are for guidance purposes only. We do not supply food
3. What material are your products made of?
Details of material used for manufacturing each product is outlined on each product we sell. All our plastics are however 100% recyclable and manufactured from minimum 90% recycled material.


1. Is Plastic Harmful To The Environment?
We are all of course saddened and shocked to see the devastating effects of plastics being littered into our oceans and our countryside but the challenge is to get this material to be disposed of properly so it can be re-used to create environmentally conscious packaging that protects our food. At Caterline we purchase 100’s of tonnes of washed bottle flake which is produced by recycling bottles and other plastics and we blend this with our own plastic production waste to produce plastic sheet with a 90% recycled content. The sheet is then coated with a 5% top and bottom layer of food grade virgin material to give added protection to your food. Plastic offers great protection and is proven to prolong the life of its contents and will only cause harm if it is not disposed of in a responsible way.
2. Why is Using Recyclable Material Better for The Environment Than Compostable or Biodegradable Material?
If you can recycle or “re-use” omething it is far better than disposing of it. I can understand that consumers think that something made from compostable materials such as plant starch is good for the environment because it will decompose but the fact is that this is encouraging landfill and disposal rather than re-use. The other misconception about compostable materials is the time they take to degrade, this isn’t days or weeks it is in fact several months or even years and biodegradable materials take even longer! The other issue with anything that promotes disposal instead of recycling or re-use is that this product then has to be replaced which requires more plants or trees to be cut down which causes further harm to the environment. At Caterline, we recognise that some customers want access to other forms of packaging and so we do try to source ethical alternatives but as manufacturers and recyclers of plastic we are passionate in our belief that this is still the most sustainable resource there is.

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