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What Should Caterers Look For When Selecting Packaging?

  • 28/11/2019
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If a catering Company want their food to stand out at a party or event it needs to look appetising and appealing. Presentation is an essential ingredient for success and the best caterers are creative and artistic and can make even the most simple food look mouth-watering and inviting.

In order for caterers to design their culinary classics it is vital that they have the right kind of packaging to provide the backdrop for their imagination to run wild as (just like a Renoir or Picasso) the packaging is the canvas on which their ideas come to life. Platters are a huge favourite with many catering companies as they have large coloured (black seems to be the favourite) bases which provide a perfect surface area to give Plastic Sandwich Platters with Lidsmaximum impact for their designs and come in a variety of sizes to compliment the size of the occasion or type of food they are offering..

As most of the caterers creative work is done at their premises and then needs to be transported to a different venue, the packaging needs to be able to protect the contents during transit. The last thing a caterer wants after they have spent several hours constructing a delectable design is to hit a bump in the road and find that their creation becomes a catastrophe!Anti slip large sandwich platter in UK Non slip bases are a great way to keep stop the contents of a platter from sliding about or moving and a firm clip closure lid will give total protection for the most arduous of journeys.

Once the caterer arrives they need to carry their food from their vehicle into the venue and in order to reduce the number of journeys it is essential that the packaging can be stacked neatly together so that 2 or 3 can be carried at once.

At the venue, the caterer will normally dress the table with an eye-catching table cloth and then place their food in an organised display so that it has the maximum visual impact. Cutlery, plates and napkins also form an essential part of the table design and can be laid out in such a way that they compliment the food and add to the ambiance of the occasion.

If the lids on the packaging are clear then they can stay clipped onto the bases to keep the food protected and fresh until it’s time to eat. The crystal clarity of the lids will reflect light and  (particularly at Christmas) well placed candles will create a wonderful shimmering effect when the light reflects on them.Containers for Salads and sandwiches

Finally, once the party or function is over the caterer should be able to take any waste food back to their vehicle in the packaging and once they are back at their premises the packaging can be washed and used several times before it is placed into the recycling bin.