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Gary Briscoe

Managing Director

Gary has worked in the packaging sector for over 25 years and during this time has overseen many changes to the Company as we strive to keep pace with the demands and challenges of the industry. Gary is passionate about packaging and his innovative designs have been used by many companies in both the food and non food retail sectors in the UK, Europe and America. Caterline represents an exciting new chapter in his packaging career and he is particularly looking forward to bringing his experience and ideas directly to the end user

Dawn Talbot

Operations Director

Dawn has been with the Company for over 25 years and has graduated from the shop floor all the way up to her current position of Operations Director. With a tremendous passion for sales and an abundance of energy Dawn keeps everyone on their toes and focussed on getting the orders out of the door as quickly as possible

Nigel Bonnett

Sales Director

Nigel is responsible for managing the company’s sales efforts and strategically¬† launching new products into the market. He ensures customer service standards remain high and seeks to continually improve and add value to our customer experience.

Ryan Ballard

Technical Manager

Ryan is in charge of the Technical Team who work 24 hours a day to get our packaging manufactured on time and to the highest standard. Ryan has high expectations and likes the people he works with to have the same pride in their work that he has and if they dont he lets them know!

Maisie Talbot

Team Leader

Maisie heads up the Shrink Wrapping team and is responsible for the collating and packing of our e-commerce orders. Although only 19, Maisie has already proved that she has the ability to organise and manage her team and department under pressure and always works with a smile.

Caroline Mugoh

ECommerce Manager

Caroline joined us from Salford University and has shown a tremendous amount of resiliance and dedication with the project management of the new Caterline site. Highly focussed and very persistant, Caroline knows what she wants and doesn’t rest until she has got it… Ideal attributes when dealing with website development !

Sue Lawson

Warehouse Manager

Sue ensures the orders are processed and dispatched from our warehouse in a timely manner to meet our high delivery standards. Sue also ensures the packaging is checked as it leaves our warehouse to make sure the orders are in perfect condition when handed over to our efficient couriers.

Production Team

Our team is made up of long serving staff with some having been with us for over 10 years.  We have a friendly and hard working team who work to hygienic standards to ensure your catering packaging meets high level catering standards. They go through rigorous training which includes, health and safety, work ethics, food hygiene for the packaging industry and many others.  They are friendly, welcoming and experts in their respective fields.