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Sandwich & Dips catering tray

Factors to consider when choosing the type of Serving Trays for Buffets

  • 08/08/2019
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Buffet Trays

Buffet Trays

When hosting a social gathering or catering event, food presentation is often as important as the food itself.

Below are 3 types of materials used in manufacturing catering trays which is the ideal way to display food in a buffet:

Plastic Catering Trays

Sandwich Platters With Lids

Food platters made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable are an ideal way to serve guests be it a small social gathering or a major corporate even. In choosing your plastic platters for party food, it is important to check that the bases have a non slip feature and clip firmly to lids so the contents stay fresh.A clear lid would also be ab added advantage for guests to be able to view contents and only open the trays with the food the want to eat.   Whether its for sandwiches, cakes or salads, plastic serving platters made to high quality like those at caterline will grace any occasion.

Plastic trays are often cost effective, easy to transport food and can be recycled for sustainability.

Metal Catering Trays

Metal catering trays are usually used in restaurants and hotels to serve Metal catering trayfood. These are strong and often elegant. However, they are often expensive, difficult to transport, noisy when they bang on each other, most cannot be stacked with food in them and are generally not an ideal way to transport food if it is prepared in a separate location from the event location.

Wooden Food Trays

These are often used for carrying other food containers like plates, glasses, Wooden catering traybowls etc and dry food. However, they are also often expensive, require much care as easily get damaged by water or fluids, don’t usually come with lids, are not easy to transport food with and are require washing up after and take up storage space.