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50 x 16oz Hot/Cold Deli Clear Containers/Pots Microwavable, Re-usable w/Lids


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These microwavable containers that are clear, tough, light and re-usable. They can go from the refrigerator to the microwave to the dishwasher without fear of damage. They are also resistant to fats and oils. These pots/containers include lids to avoid spillages and keep the food contents hot/warm.

These deli pot range is great for all kinds of food items (Hot or Cold), but they are specifically designed for hot eating. This product is microwaveable and is perfect for the hot food snacking market. Perfect for usage as they are lightweight, airtight, reusable and easy for take away. Great for soups, stews, noodles, rice and many other hot foods.


Capacity: 16oz. / 473ml
Dimensions: 4.56" x 3.38" / 11.6cm x 8.6cm
Application/Temperature: Cold Foods, Refrigerated Foods, Hot Foods, Heat Lamps, Microwavable, Warming Units
Material: PP-Polypropylene
Sustainability: Consumer Re-usable, Eligible for Recycling

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